Some of my students have asked me to record a savasana (guided relaxation) that they can use at home.  Here, I am making my first offering of a guided relaxation that you can use at the end of a home yoga practice or any time you need to switch off.

I plan to make several more recordings over the next few months.  If you have a favourite that isn’t on the list below let me know and I’ll record it for you.

In future I hope to offer: a guided relaxation which doesn’t bring you out of savasana so that you can use it to help you drift off to sleep; a relaxation where your body gets heavier and heavier and sinks into the floor; a relaxation seated in a chair (for those who can’t get down on a yoga mat).

There are two prices, the standard price (£5) and concession (£3.50).  If you consider yourself unable to pay the full price then please pay the concession price.  If you can afford the standard price I very much appreciate it.


Savasana for yoga practice (12 minutes 30s)

This relaxation starts by bringing you into the present moment by focusing on each of your senses, then you relax each part of your body from toes to head.  It allows a few minutes of silence then brings you out of the relaxation gradually.  (Click the link above to take you to the purchase page.)

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