Class Times & Information

Yoga classes

Tuesdays, 6-7pm in the Main Hall, Norton Park Conference Centre, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QY

Thursdays, 6.15-7.15pm, beginners level class & 7.30-8.30pm general level class at Santosa, Albert St

July special offer – 2 people for £15 in my Thursday evening classes.  You can book this special offer via eventbrite: beginners here, general class here or by emailing me.

These are hatha classes with yogic breathing, sun salutations, flow sequences, asana (postures) and relaxation.  They are suitable for all, including beginners, but if you are totally new to yoga I recommend you attend the beginners class on Thursdays at 6.15pm to get used to the basic movements first.

My classes are aimed at developing body awareness so that you can find out for yourself how you move as well as develop strength.  We do a guided relaxation at the end.  The classes are for those wishing to develop strength, mindfulness and calm.

Four classes for £30 booked as a four week block or £10 for a single class.  A term (three months of 13 weekly classes) costs £90.  Introductory offer of four classes for £24, must be used within 4 weeks.  Student discount available – £20 for four weeks or £6 drop in.


Private yoga lessons

If  you want more attention and focus on your own practice or if you work shifts and can’t make a regular class, why not consider private lessons?  Please email me for more details and extremely reasonable prices.

Class information

Classes are booked in monthly blocks and class size is limited so book in advance to secure your place.  You can book by emailing me at

Yoga in Edinburgh

Remember, your body is your responsibility! Please treat it with love and care and respect its limits.

Please bring your own mat, wear comfy clothes that allow you to stretch and a blanket if you think you might get chilly during final relaxation. People with high blood pressure, glaucoma, neck problems or recent eye surgery may need to relax during some of the postures instead of practising them. Please let me know if you have any injuries or illnesses before starting the class.


What do people in the class say about it?

“Joanna’s teaching really is something special. And you get the sense that everyone in the class knows it – like we’re all quietly proud of ourselves, and each other, for having found this little pot of magic tucked away in the city.

I joined her class when I was at a point of real despair in relation to my body, my stress levels, and my sense of wellbeing. I felt discombobulated on every level. Off-kilter in general.

However, Joanna’s capacity to balance gentleness & rigour, compassion & challenge, transcendence & grounding in her teaching is really amazing. It has truly affected my outlook (and my health) in such a positive way. It’s hard to put into words how her teaching has lifted me out of the funk I was in when I first arrived … but it has. I now feel … on-kilter, if you like.

My practice and my time in her class are now essential components of my good juju – What a gift that is! I can’t recommend her highly enough.”



“I joined Joanna’s class last year in June, as a beginner with rigid joints and absolutely zero balance.

It’s not simply the yoga that makes Joanna’s classes unique, it’s her authenticity, the way she approaches this ancient method and her students as well. The atmosphere she creates is unparalleled, I always leave the room as a different person, in the biggest harmony with my mind and my body.

Joanna helped me enormously with my voice too – as an aspiring opera singer I struggled with my posture, often had a back pain. Now I can’t imagine singing without doing some yoga before.

Yoga is really for everyone (if I’m able to do it, really everyone can). I would like to suggest Joanna’s classes especially for musicians and for people doing physical jobs, you will clearly feel the positive difference in your body.”



“For me, the specialness of Joanna’s teaching is the way she communicates the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of yoga  in a subtle yet clear and accessible manner that invites each to explore for themselves, no matter their level of experience. She radiates respect, clarity and the integrated benefits of yoga practice that inspires us to delve deeper ourselves.”  – Helen


Start yoga now
Introductory offer of a four week block for only £24. Normally £30 per four week block or £10 per class for drop-in.Cobra Pose Hatha Yoga Contact me to book this offer now.